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About Us

What we are

GS New York is a uniquely designed lifestyle management company. Our areas of specialty are Personal Assistant,Chauffeur and Travel Management. Through these disciplines we execute a bespoke experience for our regular clientele and offer a focus on the individual experience.

We are a team of artists, students, managers and entrepreneurs all with a singular desire to elevate the services our clients engage us to deliver. We are passionate about taking care of each and every need that makes our clients more effective in their pursuits.

We work on an as needed basis and therefore offer an “on demand” cost effectiveness. From daily support to an occasional need, with GS you get the benefits of a full time support system but only pay for what you actually use.


Why we do it

Back in 2006 founder Ari Warshawsky saw a gap in the service industry. Much of the service and support industry had either become commoditized or had hefty price tags for real quality. Knowing that the intent of the person providing service was the key to exceeding the expectations of clients and so many businesses had either cheapened the service experience or priced most people out of receiving the quality they truly wished for, Ari set out to redefine the idea of service and support.

Ari believed that if we could create a platform of personalization and accessible luxury, we would support the client and the greater community at large. We accomplish this by staffing our team with personable and thoughtful members, allowing flexible engagement and setting standards of support that enrich each client experience. 

Personal Assistant

Your GS Personal Assistant is your way to manage your every day. We help you balance the hectic with the downtime to maximize your opportunities.  From being your gatekeeper to the extra hands needed for a project, we are your support system.

  • Take a much needed break and relax
  • Have someone represent you
  • Have the little but necessary things done for you
  • Bounce ideas off of someone you trust
  • Focus your energy

Time is the most valuable commodity we have in our world and making the most out of your time is our goal. From full time to a couple of hours, we take the mundane tasks off your hands. Have business meetings or personal time to rejuvenate.  Your time is yours to do with what you want.

  • Run errands
  • Schedule management
  • House sitting /Pet care
  • Office support
  • Event planning/Project management

We will personalize a program to make the most out of your goals. Our team works to support you wherever and whenever you determine serves you best. We are your organizing, time freeing, expediting, ambassador and ally.

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Travel Management

Your GS Travel Manager takes the stress out of getting you there.  With all the reasons you travel, we master the parts the trip that are most stress inducing. Whether its local, national or international, you decide what you want and we make it happen for you. 

  • Have the research on your trip done for you
  • Get helpful suggestions to achieve your travel goals more effectively
  • Let someone else figure out all the little details
  • Relax and go

One point of contact that can coordinate all the travel logistics to get you to where you need to go. From business to pleasure, we craft an itinerary geared to achieve your mission. 

  • Prepare options for you to chose from
  • Book your entire trip, door to door
  • Affinity program management
  • Itinerary monitoring and rescheduling

We gather an intimate knowledge of your preferences, wishes and circumstances to deliver the experience you seek. Our team monitors your trip to insure a smoothness in moving from one place to another. We are your planning, researching, monitoring, envoy and champion.

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Your GS Chauffeur is not just a way to get from point A to B, we take you from A to Z.  Our view is simple, we are an extension of your team, your goals are our goals. We don’t only care about getting you there safely and on time, we want your time with us to be yours in every way possible.

  • Take that important call/interview
  • Sleep or relax to your favorite music
  • Read or listen to the news
  • Chat with your Chauffeur to pass the time
  • Just have a moment to take it all in

No matter what you need, our goal is to make it happen for you.  We will run errands with you or for you, pick up those few groceries, drop off that special gift. You name it, our time is YOUR time. 

  • Daily service to/from work or school
  • Airport transfers
  • Press Tours
  • Hourly service for anywhere your needs take you

We pride ourselves on making each and every experience with us about you. With our dedicated team, your life and goals are shared and supported every trip every day. We are your navigating, stress reducing, environment altering, confidant and friend.   

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"Every time I get off the plane and see your smiling faces, I know I'm home."

"Thank you for always getting me there on time, even though I always run late."

"The best thing my boss ever did for me in my job was introduce me to you!"

"You were my rock.... helping me get through that night."

"Even though I'm not one, I feel like a celebrity with you."


We are honored to work with and support these organizations in our community:


We are so proud of our relationship with the Broadway community. Below are some of the Broadway productions that we have been honored to service and work closely with:


What is GS?
GS is a uniquely personalized lifestyle management company that specializes in Personal Assistant,Chauffeur and Travel Management services. Think of us as your remote support team. 

Is GS a Car Service?
No, not in the traditional sense. We see the car as a vessel for the experience and relationship that we create with our clients. What differentiates us is you are not contracting us for a ride, instead you are getting our time.  The destination is always important, but how you need to prioritize your time is out first concern. We can do anything a car service can do, but with us you get a personal assistant behind the wheel.

How long has GS been around?
GS has been serving clients since 2006.

What are your available hours of operation? 
We can service you 24hrs a day 365 days a year, our office is open 8am to midnight, 7days a week. We can be reached via phone (212) 579-1432 or email If you don't get us immediately, just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Can we call to schedule a Chauffeur or Personal assistant for immediate service?

Each client interaction is typically scheduled in advance with a Chauffeur/PA. We do our utmost to accommodate all client requests, however the more last minute your request, the more difficult it is to guarantee availability. Ideally we prefer to have at least one day's notice to schedule client appointments. If you do have a last minute request, let us know, we will do our best to make it happen.

How do you qualify competency in both areas of Chauffeur and Personal Assistance?

This is our secret sauce! Our employees come from varied backgrounds and skill-sets where we look for personable and adaptable individuals. Our Chauffeurs go through an extensive training process encompassing routing, safety, client experience management and protocols that each new employee must successfully complete. Our Personal Assistants, receive situational training for the most common requests, and specific support training based on their interests and skill sets so that we can best match your needs. For both disciplines all our staff always have the office as a resource for anything that might require more extensive support.

What is a Travel Manager?
A Travel Manager will schedule and book your entire trip, arrange all steps of your journey door-to-door. Travel Managers monitor all situations that may affect your trip and remedy the controllable circumstances. In addition a Travel Manager will monitor affinity programs, group travel and all special needs. We are your personal support team that has expertise in all aspects of travel.

How does your pricing work? Do you have minimum time requirements?
Pricing is based on an hourly rate for the type of service you request. We do not have time minimums, whatever the job may be. Job/flat rate pricing is also available for any request, we will consult with you to develop the appropriate scope of work and quote accordingly. Specific rates and estimates can be discussed by calling our reservation office at (212) 579-1432 or emailing us at  

What vehicles do you operate in your fleet?
We have a variety of luxury Sedans and SUVs. Our fleet consists of Mercedes GL SUV's and BMW 7 series and a Lexus Hybrid. 

How do we communicate with our chauffeur or personal assistant?
Your chauffeur/personal assistant will establish direct communication with you via cell phone. We communicate according to your preference of call or text.

Can you take me to the airport?
Of course! Provide us with your flight information and we can make recommendations of timing, size of vehicle, and get your ride scheduled promptly. Don't forget we can book your trip for you too.

GS "New York," what about outside of NY?
We are New York based, but we go anywhere you need us. Based on the circumstance, we can accommodate everything from one day to longer term requests.

What kind of clients do you normally work with?
We service a wide variety of clients. We have strong ties to the arts and entertainment community and much of our work is in that realm. We proudly serve Broadway, Television and Film Production, Public Relations, Real Estate, CEOs, Politicians and anyone who truly values their time. No need to be a wheeler dealer though, we have a vast array of individual clients and are happy to handle your personal needs. 

Do I need to have a membership to use your services?
Of course not! As the phrase goes "membership has its privileges." Being a paid member, you get access to a number of benefits and extra services along with priority availability in booking reservations. Membership is a mutual commitment which allows us the consistency to garner our closest relationships with our clients. This commitment allows for the most personalized and seamless service on every request that you make. If membership is something that interests you, then we can schedule a "Needs Assessment" to chat about what membership would mean for you. Ultimately, you do not have to be a member to use our company. 


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